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Precautions for installation and inspection of shower hose


I believe that many households have shower pipes installed. There are many materials for shower pipes, including metal, rubber, and PVC. Among them, there are many users who install shower hoses, but some users buy it back. Do not know how to install it after home? What should I pay attention to during use? Let's take a look at what the professionals say in detail.

Precautions for shower installation

1. The size of the selected hose must match;
2, the end of the hose must be trimmed into the original shape when installing;
3. When installing the hose, you can put some smear grease on the joint part to facilitate the installation of the tube. If it cannot be installed, you can heat the tube with hot water before installing;
4. In order to avoid the hose from rupturing, there should be a certain amount of room to flow out when tightening.

The shower head needs regular inspection

1. The hose should be checked regularly for looseness and water leakage during the use of the hose.

2. The service life of the hose is limited, and temperature, flow rate, pressure, etc. will affect the use. If it is abnormal, replace it in time.

Shower pressure requirements
1, use within the indicated temperature range;
2. The inside of the hose will expand and contract due to factors such as temperature and pressure, and the pipe used should meet the length requirements;
3. When pressure is applied, the valve should be opened slowly to avoid damage to the hose caused by the big Yali;
4. Choose the right hose according to the application.