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Three purchase points of metal shower hose


Metal shower hoses are currently the most popular type of shower hoses. There are hundreds of domestic manufacturers that produce this product, and there are more brands. In addition to foreign brands, many consumers have a headache when buying. I don’t know how to choose. Today, the editor summarized three key points for you to buy, hoping to make it easier for everyone to buy this product.

1. The metal shower hose is the tie that connects the faucet and the shower. Usually it uses 304 stainless steel as the outer pipe, EPDM as the inner pipe, and uses a high-temperature resistant nylon core. The nuts at both ends are made of cast copper, and the gaskets are generally made of ding Nitrile rubber. When purchasing, you need to see if the material used for the metal shower pipe is good.

2. Secondly, you need to check whether the workmanship of the metal shower hose is fine. Generally, the high-quality metal shower hose has a bright surface without rust or scratches. It has a certain sense of weight in the hand. If you pick it up, it is very strong. , It may only be coated with Lin Yichen metal on the outside of the plastic, and not a real metal shower pipe. Pay attention to the distinction when purchasing.

3. Then, stretch the metal shower pipe to see how the shower pipe stretches. If it can be restored to its original shape immediately after stretching, it means that the quality of the metal shower pipe is relatively good. After all, when using a metal shower hose, it needs to be stretched continuously, which requires that the shower pipe can be reset immediately after being stretched many times.

Metal shower pipe is a kind of sanitary product that is relatively easy to consume. Many people say that one or two new shower pipes are replaced every year at home. In fact, master the key points of purchase. Buying good quality metal shower hoses can reduce the number of purchases. It's also more worry-free.